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Monday, January 4, 2010

Big start to the New Year

I got off to a pretty good start... albeit a little slow.

Had to travel on New Year's Day so I only managed a trainer session at 10:30 PM.

Saturday morning I ran 18... My heart wanted to do the group ride but... had some mechanical issues with my road bike.... did get another PM trainer session

Sunday morning... I got up for the group ride again... 80 miles scheduled... bike ready to go. It was 29 freakin degrees at 0700.... I read Brian's NYD report for motivation... it did not work... I could not bring myself to bundle up in enough clothes to keep warmish... not to mention that since I live in Florida, I have no cold weather gear to speak of so I would have looked like a homeless dude on a Lemond. I did manage to get my running tights on... wearing running tights make me feel like I should be on a trapeze or high wire but... I digress...

I ended up running 22 cold slow miles... hopefully just the kind of training that will get me to the finish line of the 2 ultras on my race schedule over the next 8 weeks...

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