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Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Recap and 2010 Goals

1. What one word describes your 2009 season? Does it match what you said last December in anticipation of this year?


Not what I anticipated last year... I thought I'd make a run at a BQ this year....

2. What one word comes to mind when you think about your 2010 season?


3. What was your greatest thrill or joy this year from training or racing?

Getting up every weekend morning before daybreak... training for hours... then an afternoon nap. Days like that are a pure joy.

4. What was your biggest disappointment this year from training or racing?

Hmmm... gotta dig deep for this one... which is evidence that 2009 was a good year... I guess taking a wrong turn at the Breast Cancer Marathon in February and missing a PR.

5. What was your favorite race in 2009?

I had better races... but the Amelia 1/2 IM was the most fun.

6. What is your race schedule for 2010?

1/16 - Jetty 2 Jetty 50k
2/13 - Iron Horse 50 miler
3/27 - Guana River Run 50k
6/13 - RATS
10/3 - Atlantic Coast Triathlon 1/2 IM

7. What are you goals for 2010?

Continue #3 above
Complete #6 above
Race bikes during the summer

2009 totals:

Run - 1,534 Mi
Bike - 4,782 mi
Swim - 1.7 mi (3 races)

Begin Weight - 196
End Weight - 186

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B.o.B. said...

Looks like you had a pretty awesome year! 2010 will be even better.