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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pulling a Klingerman

My old boss. and former (current?) listmember Gary Klingerman used to do point to point runs when he and his family would go somewhere across town. I always thought that sounded fun but... a bit messy.

Yesterday I had a chance to try it.

My parents moved to Jacksonville last year and bought a house with a pool a few miles from my house.. As they had invited us over for dinner last night it afforded a prime opportunity.

I was hot yesterday... not sure of the actual data to back it up but it was warm... I spent the entire afternoon outside... yard work... washing both vehicles (Suburban and Tahoe)

At about 1645 I finished my chores... changed clothes... and set off to Grandma's house.

I was not really sure how far it was... but I did know that I had less than an hour to get there because mom said supper would be ready at 1800 (okay she said six o'clock)... I thought it was 4 or 5 miles... so I set off.

I really like running in quiet low-traffic areas. on trails or asphalt... I avoid sidewalks. redlights. etc. well this course was not for me.

The mile was on Tiger Hole Road... Not too much traffic but no shoulder or sidewalk... I'd taken Sunday off for some family time and it felt really good to be moving.

The next two miles was on Bowden Road which included 4 redlights and passing underneath I-95... It's such a pain to try and time a road crossing... looking over my shoulder to see if anyone is making a turn into my path...

The next mile took me up and over the railway lines... a decent sized bridge and 4 or 5 more redlights. this was about the time I realized that it was *definitely* more than 4 miles and I would be cutting it close to make it on time.

Almost every step so far had been in the broiling afternoon sun and I was running due west with the sun in my face to boot... Finally at around mile 5 I took a turn which gave me a little relief from both... glorious shade... what I did not remember and therefore did not expect was the ½ mile of false flat uphill. ..I could feel that I was at my limit but.
A. I was having fun
B. I was running late
So I soldiered on.

Finally I took the fork in the road that put me on a straight shot to their house... I could soon see the road sign that sits in front of their house... I knew that I should probably do a cooldown but my mind said... "That road sign is the finish line. don't back off" so I pushed all the way.


I'll try to beat that next time.

In the pool for 5 minutes. dressed and right on time for dinner.

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The Lazy Triathlete said...

Nothing like home cooking after a good work out!!