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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting in the miles

Last Friday

… I thought I had strep… felt awful… throat hurt like swallowing a handful of glass.

Went to the walk in clininc. Strep test and mono tests negative but… they gave me antibiotics anyway.

No run on Friday or Saturday. No training at all.


Not sure what I had but I set out on a long run. Didn’t think much about the distance or pace.

I left the house with Kara…. She said that she was planning to run 9 or so.

About a 1/4 mile in I realized I had forgotten to get any gum… no big deal? Well… it kinda was. With my throat so raw keeping it from drying out was a real concern... so, I turned around and headed home to get some.

That put me more than a half mile behind… so I just started running at my own pace. Mile 1 ~9:40

Mile 2 – this part of the run is through the Secret Cove neighborhood. (~2mi)

I started thinking survival:

“Long run today”
“you’ve been sick”
“how long until you start feeling like doodoo”
“guess this will be a sufferfest”

In just a minute my pace slowed appreciably… I pushed the negative thoughts back… cranked the mp3 player and just started running… hardly glancing at the Garmin I ran one loop … almost caught Kara… passed her on the second loop… then ran a third. All the while clocking steady ~9:30s.

Hit a gel at around the 5 mile mark, then two more 9:30s Up Belfort Road.

The last part of the course is a ~1.1 mile loop off Rex road. I picked it up a bit to catch Kara. Mile 8 – 8:58 and Mile 9 8:33. Ended by running a 10:30 home.

Total 10.5 mi @ 9:30 pace.


5 miles recovery supposed to be 4 but I miscalculated my loops… mostly 9’s to 9:30s


Spin & weights


Workout was to be 5 miles with miles 2-5 @7:55.

Did pretty much that. 7:55, 7:49, 7:47

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