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Monday, December 1, 2014

Riding the Trainer (I guess I'm that guy…)

On Black Friday I did a 3 hour training ride on the indoor trainer.
To which I got this response:
3hrs on the trainer? Wow!  Those are hard rides.   I have about 5-6 of those in me in a season, be careful not to use those all up unless you really need to.    Sort of like timeouts in a football game, keep them close to your chest and use them wisely!   Unless you're one of those strange breeds that has no problem sitting on the trainer for 3hrs!
I guess I'm that guy…
Thought process:
Okay, 3 hours steady endurance zone.  I can't ride from home…  too many red lights, stop signs, cars.  So…  I need to get all of my gear together, plan a route, plan a stop for more water etc.  Load everything up, Drive at least 10 miles.  
Ride by myself on the same dang road.  It is pretty out there…
but I digress.
Load the bike up, get out of that wet chamois…  drive home.   Unload, put everything away.
The 3 hour ride just took up half of my day.
Cue up a steady workout on Trainerroad, put the bike on the trainer, find a movie or two. 
No commute, no redlights, no idiot drivers, no layering of clothing
I'd generally prefer riding with my friends but often the trainer trumps riding alone.  J

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J. FORD said...

I agree, I have never been hit by a car while riding my trainer!