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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cinderella, the Kool-Aid man, Subaru, and some Coke

Pretty interesting weekend…
And I was looking forward to the challenge.  The plan called for a big long Friday:
1 hr stairmill and 25 minute weight circuit at lunch
5 hour run after work (basically a nice easy marathon)
The lunch workout went okay…  I swear I could stairmill in my sleep
The evening workout…  what I was really amped about well…  The Cinderella Marathon was how I had it billed in my head…  just run 26.3 and get home by midnight
let's just say that other life commitments pushed the starting time back to 8PM (2000 for you military types).  Noww if you know mw even a little bit you would have already assumed that would just mean that I would be finishing 5 hours later…  and if you are good at the maths you would soon summate that I would be running until ~ 0100 without glass slippers…  and hopefully not turning into a pumpkin.
In the meantime I ate supper…  turkey and roast beef sub…  etc
So off we went…  yes that's right us…  Judi came along as well to run with me for the first hour then run walk for 4 more hours with the plan being that we meet up in the last few miles and finish together.
A couple of miles in we took measure of ourselves…  Judi said she felt okay…  I concluded that I felt a little full but thirsty.
Let's just say that I don't get out much…  the route I chose went through the bar district at the beach and the drunks on bikes were out in force…  for those of you who are cycling activists…  "bikes belong", "Share the road", etc… you would hang your head in shame at the crazy, erratic, deathwishish, display put on by these citizens on two wheels.  And all of this on streets that I thought would be pretty well lit with streetlights….. oh, nay nay
Traffic thinned by the turnaround…  but so did the streetlights…  it was dark as a sack of black cats out there…  and I was drinking a lot…  and still thirsty
I noticed I had missed a call… repeated calls…  Judi was lost…  somewhere out in the darkness…  after running a couple of more miles I finally got in touch with her…  by then she had used her phone to Magellan her way to safety. Whew!
She was a good bit ahead of me but nothing to do but run… and eat… and drink like a camel.
I stopped and refilled my water at about 18 miles…  then caught Judi with just about one to go.  Overall a very happy ending.  I nailed my Time/pace goals…  managed my GI issues… . and ended with the fastest mile of the day.
Saturday was a day off…well except for the other life stuff…  I did get in a nice nap, however.
Sunday had this on the agenda:
And guess who decided to show up to the Sunshine State on Sunday?
That's right… summer, sun, and humidity finally arrived…  about a month late but…  it's all good training for the desert I figure.
I decided to break the run up as follows:
12 mi to the gym 5 @ 10:30 and 7 @ 9:30ish – this went okay but the effort level was pretty high…  I had cottonmouth again…
Interesting that I had just read these two articles… 
reviewing the Noakes book "Waterlogged" the premise of which is that we (endurance athletes) often drink too much and that dehydration is not an inhibitor to performance.  He states that we should drink to thirst…  well I was a thirsty mofo… I wanted to just yell "Hey Kool-Aid!"
I did make it to the gym and close to being on pace… 
6 miles on the stairmill
I have had good results of late doing stairmill work in the middle of a long run… not to mention this is a good race simulation…  on Sunday however…  I was gassed…  and proceeded to drink about 80oz of water on the stairmill (to thirst, right?)…  by the time I was finished I was a little waterlogged but still thirsty… 
9 miles home at 9:30ish pace
I walked out the door to the gym and just wanted to lie down…  but I hitched up my skirt and just started to move…  no care for pace… or distance I just pointed my feet towards home.
A couple of miles later…  while feeling like I was dragging a cinder block I met the Subaru people
let me tell you how cool Subaru drivers are... so there I am.. cutting across a parking lot.. because... you know the shortest distance between two points and all... and to say I was running would be almost condescending... so anyway a Subaru Outback comes by with his-n-hers mountain bikes on it... they slow way down... I guess to see if there was anyone home behind my groovy white Oakley's... a couple of minutes later I see them driving back my way... hanging out the windows on both sides yelling and ringing cowbells. yep that put a bounce in my step... for a couple of minutes at least... thanks cool Subaru drivers!
Soon after the cowbells faded a kind of frenzy came over me… 
I needed a Coke…
 Ice cold…  yes…  that was the ticket…  but the nearest store was a couple of miles away…
I began to think of all the ways I would like to ingest a Coke…  on ice… bottled…  yeah, yeah, the 6 ½ oz bottles are the best…
Then I started thinking that I really needed that syrupy goodness in my bloodstream as quickly as possible and though…  man I'd even freebase that shit…  then I started thinking about that a little bit…  then I started thinking about what that really meant…  I think I would need a Bunsen burner… and a crucible or something… and then I came to the conclusion that I really knew very little about freebasing and what I did know I probably got from a 60 minutes interview with Richard Pryor back in 1983…  I have lived a sheltered life.
When I got to the store…  not only did I buy a coke (it ended up being a fountain drink w/o ice – less fizz) I also got a snickers bar…. and for some unknown reason I smacked the veins in the crook of my arm... I have no idea what that was about...
Heaven-on-earth tho... absolutely delicious
And that's not all…  a few minutes later I did feel better and could have continued on but…  26.2 was enough…  and I was home.



My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

soooo how did you feel the next morning?

it's all about pace said...

didn't feel too bad on Monday... tired tho. I did get in 8 of my proposed 10 mile run.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice running!!! I have biked indoors to that late into the night, never outside that long

It take a special kind of person to actually shell out money for a Suburau

Will said...

Interesting idea to run at night like that. I've never done it...but might have to try. the two wheel folks think they own the road, whether you are a car or a runner. enough of 'em already!

Matthew Smith said...

Way to throw down some solid miles! Aren't you glad our ladies can do it all with us? Take it easy in the summer heat!