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Monday, March 25, 2013


The prescription
It was later in the day but…  pouring down rain and 55 degrees.  I took Jimmy for the first 7 miles
Us during a brief break in the storm.
Most of the time I felt like Forrest Gump in Vietnam
I tried to avoid the puddles for a while…  after a couple of hours there was standing water pretty much everywhere. 
Although my training log reflects the fact that I nailed the prescribed pace and distance with a nice even sub MAF heartrate…  I must confess, however, that this run suckethed…  I love running in the rain… I mean more than like…  well a lot… my legs hurt from step one to step last… and for the slow pace…  and *only* 20 miles it should have been easy but…  I spent more character building HTFU points than I would have thought possible.
Finished at 7PM…
Just time enough to shower and eat… and lay down to sleep…
Didn't sleep well… 
Sunday Run #1:
I had to leave the house at ~5AM to fit it in before church…  and got up (I was already awake) at 0415 so I could move around some and do some foam roller & lacrosse ball work
It was  overcast but muggy…  tired and slow but consistent and not too terribly taxing and relatively pain free…  felt better at the finish.
Sunday Run #2:
Exact same route as the morning run and pretty much the same pace…  the difference being that I felt better at the start and worse at the finish…  the heat cooked me good.  It was in the low 80s with high humidity to boot.
Started with 100 oz of water…  stopped ~14 miles in…  out of water.  Hunted around a business that was closed until I found a hose to refill my bladder…
Lessons learned etc:
Loosen up with the ball or roller before running…
One thing that I see definite improvement at…  in the past I would run myself into the ground..  and if I started walking it was O-V-E-R  I have learned to take a walk break..  pull myself together and get back on track.
Hydration is good…  but… I Should have planned for a water stop Sunday afternoon
Nutrition is going pretty well too…
I like these
And these



Matthew Smith said...

Uncrustables are the best things ever! Love them! Aren't you ready for some decent weather? We live in the south! Where's the sun?

chris mcpeake said...

I always try to embrace the sucky runs. How lame is that? cool blog