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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl

Lots of talk around the office this week about the Super Bowl…  Beyoncé… power outages etc…

And I did watch both Super Bowls this weekend…  the football one and the Cyclocross World Championships

Inevitably the argument starts about what sports are boring, overhyped, misunderstood, too Americanized, real football is soccer…  or rugby…  or only in Australia

My only contribution to the discussion is to ask…  why watch when you can compete

I enjoy doing sports... I played Football in HS... and cried like a baby when my last game was over... I thought nothing else could touch it... nothing in life could be better than playing football.

but so many things have taken its place over the years. Running, cycling, jiu-jitsu, being in the army, parenthood, corporate IT

and now... I have cyclocross... almost 30 years later and I get crazy excited to put on a helmet and run through the mud with a bunch of other guys...

I'll let others gripe/obsess about sports and sports fans... until my body gives out I'm going to continue to be an athlete


Matthew Smith said...

You're a beast...plain and simple. Nothing can stop you, so go get it, buddy! :)

Thomas Bussiere said...

Being an athlete is in the DNA. Age does not remove it, and we fight harder to keep it.
Train hard and enjoy the moment when you pass someone half your age.