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Thursday, July 12, 2012

RATS part 3 the Epilogue

RATS – The race where the finish line is a very special place…  and we do so look forward to arriving there….  We do not, however, look forward to the finish line so that the race will be over…  we long to get there because that is where we have planned to meet up with our friends…

And so it is…  the finish line is bittersweet on the final day…  we all want a hot shower…. And air conditioning…. And beer..

But really…  as we get closer to Moab on the final day and we start to see cars and tourists…  it is a bit of a buzzkill… 

We know that soon we will have to part ways…  and go back to real life.

But not before we gather once again for a post-race party at Milt's

This gathering is its own kind of revelation of sorts…  our friends old and new are all cleaned up…  sometimes a bit hard to recognize in street clothes versus the trail/desert garb to which we have grown accustomed.

As I mentioned before this race was a reunion of sorts for my dear old friends from the Listserv world

The whole crew:

Left to right Gregor, Joel, Greg, Kurt, LMS, Leslie, Judi, me

The afterparty after a week of being together…  we still wanted to, well…  be together

And then we had to say our goodbyes…  great people, great memories.

Joel in his BAS-TURD shirt

On the way home we had a nice dinner with Tri-Dead Richard in Denver…

And after a long night of travel (someone thought the redeye from Denver to Miami was a good idea) we arrived, a bit bedraggled,  back in Jacksonville…

Oh, I had gotten a little sleep on the plane…  and when I slept I dreamed…  I dreamed of the desert and of running there with my friends

(I managed to make myself tear up at my own report…  I guess I am soft)

Photo: Glen Delman

We can't wait to go back…

Photo: Glen Delman


Judi said...

I'm missing those people!!

Matthew Smith said...

What an awesome trip! You guys had a great time and will have to do it all again sometime soon!

Wes said...

an epic adventure! your "oasis" comment had me cracking up! Well done, and congrats to you both (on marriage and other stuff) :-)

DRog said...

incredible adventure! really amazing stuff and love the photos