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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Check In

Swimming….  I’m not sure where you are with that but it is my focus right now.

Mainly because I sucketh….  And I know I’ll never win my AG, or even come close if I’m a BOP swimmer.

Started Masters in January…  have only missed practice 2x since (Philly trip)….  Today my shoulders are sore…  my sinuses are clogged up but last night… I swam 3000yds…  and even kept up with the rest of the Guppies on everything except for the few sets where I was doing drills while they swam.

GFT is my focus this year but…  IM type training is what I like to do…  for example… New year’s w/e found us doing an 80 mile ride on Saturday and a 18 mile run on Sunday…  It’s just what I like to do with my weekend.

I have a problem tho….  I tweaked my knee running through the woods like a Banshee Warrior… (aka idiot) and I’ve had some knee pain ever since…  This led me back to the weights for some rehab…  in so doing I realized that my left leg does a lot more work in both cycling and running because my right leg is weak… so I’ve set about trying to fix that as well…

My left calf is about 1” bigger around than my left…

The dragging of my left foot is quite evident by the wear pattern of my shoes
See the picture

I’ve been doing single leg:

Leg presses
Leg extensions
Calf raises

That said… I’m off to run a marathon in a pink skirt this weekend… 



Matthew Smith said...

Interesting observation about your legs. The shoes sure don't lie. Man, that New Years weekend sounded like an intense one with the long ride and run. And, way to push through with the swimming. That's my worst part for sure. Blessings to you as you train!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Interest use of "drag"

I am swimming alot as well, it comes along, one day it will hit you and you will feel like a swimmer, there are no time tables of when or how it happens, it just happens, you will see what I am talking about

The Sean said...

That's great that you have isolated a weakness which you can get to correcting now! Good luck running in that skirt.

DRog said...

I assume you are going to get a big lift out of Masters swimming

Wes said...

nice skirt. if you shave your legs, I'm totally digging it :-)