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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BFAS Duathlon

I'm not going to do a traditional report this time... I got my hands on a bunch of pictures.

off on the first run... the dude in the Gator skinsuit over my left shoulder would be my nemeisis... he was one of 2 guys who passed me on the bike....

check out the guy above with the gloves on... there were many who did the whole race in gloves.... one dude had them on backwards... I guess he thought his knuckles might need the padding if he got into some fisticuffs out on the course.

I am cold... that's my cold face.

With 6 180 degree turns wind and rain... lots of slowing down ad speeding up... I seem to have been chased by the police at some point...
Had just repassed Gator skinsuit guy somewhere along here....
Looking for the turnoff back to the TA
Oh... yeah... right turn
Off on the 2nd run.... chasing Gator skinsuit guy... who passed me in the TA depite the fact that I had the best spot possible in transition. I could see him and "Ralph" (some guy who works at a local bikeshop) who also passed me on the bike.

the lady that you can see on my left shouldre was so cute... in her mid 50s... she was doing her first race... and had a blast out there.... she had just remoounted... because she stopped, got off ther bike, and got a drink... despite her noobness she seemed to really get it... as she smiled and laughed and went hard all day.

At the finish... I'd caught both of the guys who passed me on the bike... and only got passed once... by the dude who took 2nd in my AG....


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice, congrats

Regina said...

So does that mean you got 3rd in your AG? Nice!

It's good to be transparent when modeling swimsuits; no cellulite.

Like the photo essay style race report.