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Monday, September 21, 2009

Running in the dark

with the days getting shorter... a recent conversation turned to illumination... headlamps and flashlights to light a path.

I've never run with a headlamp... or a flashlight.... maybe it's from my Army days where the emphasis was light = target.

I have done a bit of running in the dark/semi darkness.

Once while doing an interval run by mostly moonlight and the occasional postlight I had quite a scare.

During a speed interval... in oxygen debt... legs churning... I looked down lust in time to see this chasm... only one step away... a quick crow hop.. and my best imitation of Renaldo "Skeets" Nehemiah... and I'm flying thru the air... I barely clear the obstruction which I recognize as I touch foot to earth on the far side...

I had pulled the herculean feat of jumping over... a shadow


Lesser is More said...

I've done that too many least nobody else is there to witness it!

I use a headlamp during the winter to get my runs in when it is dark. You can pick up a pretty light and cheap headlamp from most outdoor stores online (ie REI, Campmor, etc). You can barely feel them once you get the fit right on your head. Definitely worth the trouble, compared to jumping over mysterious "objects" that appear in the darkness.

Glenn Jones said...
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Glenn Jones said...
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Glenn Jones said...

Make sure you get yourself a good headlamp. It really serves two purposes - #1 it lets you see, and #2 - it lets you *be* seen. #2 is almost more important than item #1 in my book.

I go for a little overkill - here's my lamp

I just have to be careful I don't blind oncoming cyclists....