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Thursday, August 27, 2009

the voices in my head

I assume that we all hear voices in our heads…

I have two… funny thing they both wear skirts kind of… one wears a checked blue dress… the other a loincloth

The chatty one in the blue dress is all doubt.. and fear… and about avoiding pain.

I call her Dorothy:

Her counterpart… is stoic. Reserved… and speaks seldom… but he’s always there

I call him Tonto:

Thursday means… speedwork day and this week’s schedule called for 7 miles with 5 @ 8:03.

Well… work got in the way… I headed out late and only had time for 5.

Dorothy: “Maybe just an easy day… you ran long on Tuesday… remember how much that hurt… you had trouble walking straight when you got back (she exaggerates…) you rode pretty hard last night… in the rain… 5 easy would be okay… just get in the miles”

Tonto: “Run Kemo Sabe”

So I take off.

I decide quite on my own (thankyouverymuch) to run a warm-up mile then a sub 8s for mile 2 and 4. I wanted to get *some* speedwork in.

Mile 1 passed in 9:53 and even tho my legs are a little sore from Tuesday I feel pretty good. I pick it up on mile 2… I feel smooth and strong. Running a 7:30 or so pace.

Dorothy: “Take it easy! Don’t burn yourself out on the first one… remember that run 2 weeks ago”

I kinda ignore her this time… I feel good.

Out of nowhere Tonto speaks up.

Tonto: “If one mile you can run at this pace three miles you can”

Sometimes Tonto tries to channel Yoda…

I think about what he said tho… and decide to run miles 2, 3, and 4 all under an 8 pace.

Dorothy freaks out…


I do so immediately (sheesh lady) slow down to about a 7:55 pace. Mile 2 is a 7:45

The next mile or so passes without much chatter… Ricky Martin is on my iPod… and I’m too busy “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and mile 3 is right on target at 7:59

When mile 4 starts I can feel the pace slipping… Dorothy pipes up:

Dorothy: “You know… you can run an 8:15… and still *average* under an 8 pace”

I mentally glance at Tonto out of the corner of my eye… he has his arms folded across his chest… and a tear coming out of his eye like the Indian in the litter commercial.

So… I decide to do what I can with what I have left… I increase my turnover…. Try to flow and relax… that does the trick… I manage to lower my heartrate and pick up the pace at the same time… hmmm.. I think I just learned something… that’s why they call it training. I hold it together… neither voice says anything… ( I think Dorothy was pouting) and finish in 7:56 for mile 4. Cool down mile and a shower… and I’m back at my desk.


B.o.B. said...

LMAO! Love it.

Kemo sabe jump on it! Jump on it! (know that song?)

You need to tell Dorothy to pipe down when you are in the zone. Way to go!

it's all about pace said...

not only do I know the song.. I can do the dance.