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Thursday, April 16, 2009


It’s speedwork day… 5 ½ mile intervals @ 3:15 .25 mi recovery

I did not feel very good from the start. Headache all morning…

Warm-up 1.4 miles

#1 – 3:14
Nice recovery jog
#2 – 3:10
I knew my goose was getting close to being cooked. I contemplated shortening my workout… Decided to do one more.
#3 – 3:28 – had trouble getting up to speed
Afterwards I thought about bagging it and heading back to work. I was only a mile from “home”. I took a right instead and decided to try another one…
#4 – 3:24
I was committed but spent…. Figured one more wouldn’t kill me and ergo only make me stronger
#5 – 3:28 ugly and painful

Cooldown 1 mile

Sometimes I can complete my speed workout.. Sometimes it kicks my …

I try and keep it right on the edge of doable for that reason…. I’ll never find the edge if I don’t look for it.

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